Student Support

With the help from different private donors and companies, VGF supports secondary school students from the Olchoronyokie village. Up to this day, VGF has supported 24 secondary school students.


After completing primary school (grade 7) all students must pass an admission test for further studies at Secondary School. These are boarding schools and the student is placed in one of the schools by the Tanzanian authorities

In consultation with the village leaders, we choose the students who best need our support. This year we are supporting 44 students from 1st to 4th year in Secondary School.

Eight of the students VGF supports who started year one in secondary school in January.

Machange and Eliakimu visit our students regularly to see how they are and what needs they might have.

Secondary students load their personal belongings on the truck before Machange takes them to school.

For several years Apapaa worked as a support teacher in Sokon. Now he has started his teacher education studies.

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