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Student Support

With the help from different private donors and companies, VGF supports secondary school students from the Olchoronyokie village. Up to this day, VGF has supported 29 secondary school students.


After completing primary school (grade 7) all students must pass an admission test for further studies at Secondary School. These are boarding schools and the student is placed in one of the schools by the Tanzanian authorities

In consultation with the village leaders, we choose the students who best need our support. This year we are supporting 46 students from 1st to 4th year in Secondary School.

After four years at Secondary School the student must pass an admission test for a another two years at Secondary School with different orientations and a possibility to qualify for university studies. This year, two of the studients who finished form 4 last year have qualified for further studies at Secondary School

Julius explains how the students support works with students and their parents

Julius looks trough the list of school equipment that all students receive before Secondary School start

Emmanuel meets with Steven, one of the students who studies at a private school

One of the students receives his box with school equipment

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