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A substantial part of Tanzania’s aid reaches only people in easily accessible areas, close to cities. During our years in Tanzania, we have visited many villages in rural areas that need help, but they are too far from the cities to be discovered by the various NGOs. VGF wants to help some of those  villages.

VGF was founded in 2000 and it strives to help villages in remote areas in Tanzania. Olchoronyokie was one of those villages we had contact with. The village was newly founded and needed help to build a primary school and to get access to water. The road to Olchoronyokie was in a very poor state and transport was difficult and very expensive. The village was enthusiastic by the prospect of getting a new road and VGF tried to give them motivation to continue their work.

VGF strives to get the whole village motivated. They should always feel included in the various projects we do together. The village initiates the project and then we help so they can finalize within a reasonable time.

VGF also maintain contact with other help organizations working in the area, this makes it easier to coordinate our efforts.

In Tanzania, there are many areas destroyed by deforestation. Therefore, we want to inform the villages about the importance of forestry in the nearby area. The villages on the slopes of Ketubeine mountain and the immediate surroundings have access to natural water sources on the top of the mountain. The forest on the top of the mountain protects the water sources and we need to preserve them. De-forestation of the mountain would be devastating for the climate and affect the whole area.

Erik discuss the construction of a teachers' accomondation with Jane, teacher in Olchoronyokie.

Carl visits the school children in Sokon

Villages Going Forward

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